About this item
80 PLUS GOLD CERTIFIED – The MWE Gold V2 delivers an 80 Plus Gold certification, guaranteeing a typical minimum efficiency of 90%.
RTX READY – The MWE Gold V2 comes standard with 2 EPS connectors, 6 PCI-e connectors, and a high maximum wattage in order to ensure universal compatibility with all current gen motherboards and RTX 30 series graphics cards. You can build the high end system of your dreams and run all the latest games without having to break the bank on your PSU. This unit has all the necessary features to power the newest components for a great price.
SILENCE FAN WITH SMART TEMP. CONTROLLING FEATURE – MWE Gold is equipped with a 140mm silence fan with smart temperature controlling feature. The fan supports 0 RPM to achieve 0 noise based on the scenario.
HIGH TEMPERATURE RESILIENCE – The MWE Gold V2 is able to push its temperature resilience to 50 degree Celsius safely. Such a high threshold greatly improves what’s possible to accomplish with the unit and your system in general. Overclocking and other high intensity applications become way more accessible when the system’s power supply unit can take the heat.
FULL MODULAR CABLING – The MWE Gold V2 comes with flat black cables that can be customized to each user’s individual needs. The flat cable design also benefits the overall cable management and improves airflow. MWE Gold V2 also provides enough connectors for the system with the latest motherboards and RTX graphics cards.

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