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【Dual 130mm Full Function PWM Fan】The PCCOOLER 130mm dual fan setup offers maximum cooling performance with its innovative turbocharging system featuring 10 reverse turbine teeth. With a full load air volume of 76.85CFM and air pressure of 2.46mm/H2O, these fans provide optimal cooling while maintaining noise levels between 18 and 29dB(A). Compatible with downward-facing 120mm fan holes, installation is easy in any computer case. The open fan inlet design allows for more air to flow into the fan
【6 Copper Powder Heat Pipes-260W TDP】Experience exceptional cooling performance with the PCCOOLER G6 CPU cooler. It utilizes exclusive direct contact technology and upgraded heat pipe layout, making it ideal for high-end CPU cores. Capable of handling TDP up to 260W, it effectively dissipates heat. The anti-gravity 6x6mm heat pipes have a strong capillary pumping force for efficient heat transfer from the CPU surface to the heatsink
【Aluminum Heatsink for Efficient Heat Dissipation】The G6 CPU air cooler has a dual-tower “matrix” heat dissipation design, 130mm pure aluminum fins *2 and a cooling area of 9400cm², and a unique decorative plate on top of the heatsink for an exquisite appearance. It improves air pressure and enhances heat dissipation, resulting in a stable system. Its high-density aluminum fins and larger copper base ensure great thermal conductivity, while the optimized fin heat dissipation array ensures unif
【Premium Performance Thermal Paste】The G6 CPU air cooler has PCCOOLER EX-90 high thermal conductivity thermal paste with nano-diamond base that fills gaps effectively and enhances heat transfer efficiency. It offers exceptional cooling performance with ultra-high thermal conductivity of 14.8W/M.K. It’s easy to apply and wipe, and maintains stable performance between -50 ℃ to 250℃. Improved auxiliary radiator performance further enhances the cooler’s overall performance.
【Support Sockets-New Design】Full metal center press point buckle. Support LGA1700/LGA1200/LGA1151/LGA1150/LGA1155/LGA1156/LGA2011//LGA2066 and AMD AM3/AM4/AM5. Easy to install, durable, heat sink can be balanced pressure on the cpu. The CPU cooler base fits tightly to the cpu for increased heat transfer efficiency. More stable heat dissipation performance.

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