Crafted For Realistic Racing – GT32 innovative racing simulation system uses numerous industrial grade technologies: non-contact Hall sensor, belt module sync drive, customized brushless PMSM dual motors, and highly responsive adjustable pedals. Only to create a delicate and realistic racing experience for players, a Formula 1 that is affordable.

Non-Contact Hall Sensor – The most basic and core technology to create a delicate and realistic racing feeling. All key trigger points such as the steering wheel, throttle and brake use a 12BIT resolution Hall sensor, the signal data transmission is fast and stable, providing a jagged-free and rock-solid driving feeling.

Belt Module Sync Transmission – No added grease and noise for stable mechanical performance. The small module wear coefficient ensures that the steering wheel feels smooth but tight. Bearing column high simulation designed to provide a delicate feel, silky and precise steering, no false position jagged feeling. (Adjustment range 0-8 N⋅m)

Brushless PMSM Dual Motors – High-end custom 24v brushless dual motors with low speed & high torque capability to bring unparalleled high power conversion. Offering smooth mechanical movement, fast acceleration and deceleration while withstanding up to 356 ℉ high temperature. Anti-aging and wear-resistant long-lasting, bringing unstoppable stability performance. (output torque value: 7.5-8.0 N⋅m)

Responsive Adjustable Pedal Units – The whole body is made of CNC metal pedal unit with multi-directional adjustable detachable technology (brake 0-100Kg & position adjustable), shift paddles and mechanical sense can be adjusted independently too. We do not define the sense of reality, for each racer to create the ultimate racing experience without limits.

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